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As experts in our field for over four decades, our dedication and commitment has earned us a reputation for reliability and exclusivity. And because we are fully independent we can always deliver the absolute best in terms of design and price. That is just one of the reasons why our clients come back to us time and time again.
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No hassle

At Hoynck we deliver one-stop-shop concepts tailored to suit your exact requirements. Our innovative, trend-setting solutions guarantee a high-impact experience. We remove the hassle for you by personally attending to every aspect of your project, communicating clearly and driving quality at every stage in order to create maximum value.
Our philosophy

We never say no

Our extremely competent – and predominantly young – employees all have a keen eye for detail and we always go the extra mile to guarantee total satisfaction for you. We never say ‘no’ and no challenge is too great. Our total commitment to quality, and our enthusiasm and drive, are evident in everything we do.
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The Power of Combining Expertise and Knowledge

Established in 1977, Team Hoynck has over four decades of expertise in design and project management, with a dedicated team in the Netherlands and a global network of skilled partners. Long-standing members Ed Kooymans and Frans de la Haye share insights on industry developments, technological advancements, and the importance of client relationships. Despite technological changes, the core of their work remains the same. Team Hoynck's commitment to building strong client relationships has been key to their success. Both Ed and Frans emphasize the importance of personal contact, flexibility, and a passion for their work in maintaining and growing these connections over the years.

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